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Sony PlayStation 3 Draws a Crowd in Japan


With a highly successful opening debut in Japan, PlayStation 3 is now officially out of the gate and working on setting a pace which I’m quite certain will be hard to match.

The new gamer Nirvana, PlayStation 3, has a somewhat steep price tag at about $425.00 USD. Coming out later than expected, following the cheaper and already highly successful XBox 360, I have to wonder if Microsoft will finally enjoy a comfy edge in the console market.

We shall see…

NOW LEASING: Xbox 360 for just under $2,000.00

Xbox 360

Is it just me, or does this deal kinda stink? Well, I suppose it might work for some. If you simply don’t have the cash up front and can’t live without some Xbox action then maybe this is for you.

Engadget points out the upcoming promotion and provides a pretty slick run down of what is being offered. To sum it up… you get Microsoft’s latest console, a handful of games, and broadband service for around $54.00 USD per month.

You would never catch me signing up for this, but different strokes for different folks I guess.