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ACN – Iris 3000 Video Phone Finally, someone got it right

Are you old enough to remember when video phones were the “wave of the future”. For decades video phones popped up everywhere from Sci-Fi movies to cartoons. Some of you may remember George Jetson talking to Jane via his ultra futuristic video phone. Remarkably, the first video phone was actually invented in 1955 and was known as the “Photo Phone” however it was extremely slow as you can imagine and very expensive thus was never rolled out. And even before the “Photo Phone” AT&T back in 1927 demonstrated a one way picture phone.

In 1970 AT&T rolled out the “Picture Phone” which was the first video phone offered to consumers however it was again very expensive and with very few customers it fizzled out around 1974. They took another stab in the early 90′s but as was the case with their previous two attempts the cost kept consumers away.

A myriad of other companies including Panasonic have made attempts at tackling the consumer video phone market to no avail.

Commercially,  Intel was the industry leader with their Intel ProShare Conferencing Video System 500 launched in 1995. Two years later they only had 50,000 users and today theyno longer support the product.

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New google algorithm – Fact or fiction?


Over the past few days I have noticed some major changes in the rankings of several of my websites. Typically, a google update may move my rankings around slightly however these recent changes were drastic.

One of my sites which has been ranked #5 for it’s best keyword for over 6 months, suddenly dropped to the 10th page. Conversely, one of my sites which didn’t rank in the top 10 pages for it’s best keyword suddenly jumped to the top of the second page.

This is just an example of what some of my sites have done over the past 2 days. Others have remained in their same position but these are mainly sites which are ranked in the top 1-3 positions.

I am hoping this is not in fact the “new” google algorithm in action but just a small hiccup. If it is the algorithm change then my better quality sites are in trouble as the site which was dropped to page 10 is a very informative, well coded, well optimized site with unique content while the one which rose in position is very new and has few quality back links.

Now, if it were only my sites seeing changes then we could just write it off as an error on our part however there are more and more threads appearing at the major webmaster forums including and

There are a lot of theories floating around as to how the algorithm has changed or if the algorithm has changed. I believe it has but only google knows.

I am trying to compile as much information as possible from those who have been effected either positively or negatively. If you have seen some changes in ranking please comment.

Big List of Mac User Groups

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Microsoft Zune Installation Error Photo

I know this has been talked about quite a bit over the past few weeks, but I only just saw the picture used as the background and I must admit it does seem suggestive.

Zune Installation Error

A lot of comments about the Zune installation error (pictured above) try to explain why the three women are in this position. Regardless of why, I wonder why the Microsoft people ever let it go to production. Why did they not use another frame? You know… like one actually laughing?

Things that make you go hmm….

Google Exec Says iPod Could Hold a Year Of TV Soon

That’s right, iPod and Google seem to be getting a bit friendly these days. I think Google knows how to pick a winner and this is proof of that.

According to Google’s VP of European Operations, Nikesh Arora, iPods increasing storage size will give the little device no limits when it comes to ramping up space capacity.

From the original source:
“Arora said, by 2012, iPods could launch at similar prices to those on
sale now and yet be capable of holding a whole year’s worth of video
releases. Around 10 years down the line that could be expanded,
creating iPods that can hold all the music ever sold commercially.”

Wasn’t iPod supposed to be dead?

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Social Networking Sites Now Sharing Revenue

Recently we’ve watched a plethora of revenue sharing sites sprout throughout the great big www, but this is the first Digg like social networking site that I’ve seen that offers a 50-50 split on all Google Adsense with its users.

PlugIM first caught my attention when the administrator added a story from one of my blogs and I followed the link to the site. At first glance I figured I was looking at another Digg copycat script running a site that probably had no visitors, but after a few days and a decent amount of free bonus traffic coming from the PlugIM page I decided I should have a better look around.

Unlike Digg, these newer communities have an advantage for rookie bookmarkers like me. We can actually get in now and build ourselves a little group without fear of Digg trolls coming to beat us down because we aren’t a part of their crew.

Plus, you get to have your Adsense code floating around on someone else’s pages for a little simple participation in the community. I think this is probably the direction we’ll see the Internet shift in moving forward and I for one am very happy to see the social community embrace its user friendliness and unselfish practices.

Now if Digg could only wake up…

Zune + DRM = Profit Sharing with Music Industry


I think most of us watching the whole iPod killer wannabe come out of the gate knew all too well what the DRM feature Zune shoves in our face was about. The DRM program in the Zune media player kills any file after its third play if it wasn’t purchased, regardless of where the file came from. What this means is that any indy band or individual looking to market their own music (in my case it is trance that I create and offer for free) will be dead in the water with this new “iPod Killer”. Personally, I knew what was behind the surface… money.

Fox News has a story posted on their website that explains a recent announcement that Microsoft plans to cut Universal Music in on every Zune device that is sold.

The big question is… was Zune really built for the community as Microsoft proclaims, or is it another M$ ploy for more power and cash?

What say you?

Microsoft Zune Falls Short at Zune Party

I kind of giggle every time I read something like this. There was a day when I was actually curious to see how well Zune would perform in its infancy, but that day has long passed. When the Software giant Microsoft can’t even find a base that doesn’t pack an iPod they just might want to re-think the whole “we killed your cool toy” marketing ploy.

Sony PlayStation 3 Draws a Crowd in Japan


With a highly successful opening debut in Japan, PlayStation 3 is now officially out of the gate and working on setting a pace which I’m quite certain will be hard to match.

The new gamer Nirvana, PlayStation 3, has a somewhat steep price tag at about $425.00 USD. Coming out later than expected, following the cheaper and already highly successful XBox 360, I have to wonder if Microsoft will finally enjoy a comfy edge in the console market.

We shall see…

Firefox 2.0 constantly crashes

I really hate to have to knock on Firefox from a negative direction, but yesterday the newest version of the open source giant gave me one of the worst days of web surfing that I’ve had in a very long time.

I downloaded Firefox 2.0 on Tuesday but didn’t spend much time online that day because I had other things to do. On Wednesday I was online for a bit, probably an hour or so, and I noticed some slight glitches in the performance of the browser but brushed it off because at the time it wasn’t that bad and I figured my laptop was just having issues. Yesterday proved to be a much bigger headache as I spent a better part of the day working on all of my sites and blogs.
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Do you have an iTooth?


OK, of all the ways I’ve seen parents try to get their kids to brush their teeth properly, this has got to take the cake.

When pressed to the teeth, the toothbrush renders a recorded riff from a pop star that lasts two minutes — precisely the amount of time dentists say children should spend brushing their teeth.

Personally I think it’s a brilliant idea. From the sounds of things the tracklist is not quite ready, but hopefully the toothbrush will come with some good beats.

Hat-Tip: Crazy Gizmoz

Extension site for IE7 now open for use

For those of you who will be using IE7, Microsoft has published the browser extension page and the list of plugins is now available for download.

Microsoft IE 7 Extensions Page

There appears to be a good amount of plugins there, but the almost none of my plugins are there. I might have missed it, but I didn’t see Adsense Notifier, SEOpen, PR in Status bar, FireFTP and a few others. To be fair, I did see stumbleupon, Digg, and some of the other big name plugins so that might help a bit.

If you’re an IE fan this list should be pretty tasty.


IE 7 comes out with little or no bling

I love Laptop Magazine. I read their feeds and find tons of good info over there. With that being said, I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what they were thinking when they posted this.

Here are the parts that get me.

For example, IE7 detects the presence of RSS links and adds them to a Favorites Center that puts Favorites, Feeds, and History in a single, navigable window. Within the RSS reader itself, you can search and reorganize items by date, author, and title.

Ummm… Firefox invented this long ago did it not?

Tabbed browsing in IE7 gets supercharged with a Quick Tabs preview page of visual thumbnails that lets you view each open tab on a single screen. The group-tab feature turns the current cluster of open pages into a Favorite that reopens all of these tabs with a single click.

Poor Microsoft. This feature sounds excellent, but we all know we’re getting it with Firefox 2.

Microsoft has also taken a cue from the open-source browsers and has enhanced its add-ons. A launch catalog displays Microsoft and third-party toolbars, form fillers, and other extensions that you can plug in and manage easily. Here’s hoping that developers get as creative with IE7 plug-ins as they have with Firefox’.

Too little, too late.

In the grand battle between Firefox and IE, we think that IE has a bit of an edge in this release, although the Firefox 2 betas we have seen will catch it up a bit. Many of the things we like about Firefox have been implemented in IE7 and have been polished to be more streamlined and useful. For those of us who spend a lot of time researching and working on the Web, IE7 represents the best and most aggressive IE upgrade we’ve seen in a while.

How so? I still have seen NOT A SINGLE strain of evidence that suggests IE7 has an edge of Firefox. None.

Call me a FF fanboy if you wish, but IE7 is going to have to create something completely different, unique and original for me to throw out my plugins, browser skins, solid security (I have suffered zero attacks since I started using Firefox), fast surfing, RSS readers and all the rest of the jazz.

Sorry to say this LAPTOP Magazine, but I think you’re trying to be a little too friendly here. While IE7 may be a step up from EI6, we have to remember that IE6 set the standard bar just a few inches above the ground. With standards that low, it isn’t difficult to exceed them.

NOW LEASING: Xbox 360 for just under $2,000.00

Xbox 360

Is it just me, or does this deal kinda stink? Well, I suppose it might work for some. If you simply don’t have the cash up front and can’t live without some Xbox action then maybe this is for you.

Engadget points out the upcoming promotion and provides a pretty slick run down of what is being offered. To sum it up… you get Microsoft’s latest console, a handful of games, and broadband service for around $54.00 USD per month.

You would never catch me signing up for this, but different strokes for different folks I guess.

Technorati in trouble with the blogosphere?

Not likely. Well… maybe a few disgruntled bloggers but I don’t think it goes too far beyond that. If you haven’t read the latest post at Technorati you might want to click on over and read the latest log by Adam Hertz.

The whole scenerio began unfolding a few weeks back when Brian Pinkerton of Technorati posted an excellent resource on Technorati link calculations. Brian used a blog that had significant link changes as an Read the rest of this entry »

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