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Free $100 Microsoft adcenter promotional code! FINALLY!

I had the $200 code and procrastinated. I mean there are always promo codes floating around blogs and forums right? Wrong. I couldn’t find a promo code that worked after an hour of searching. At least not a $200 promo code. Codes which were not supposed to expire until sometime in January were expired? Odd.

Anyway, I found a $100 Microsoft adcenter promotional code that still works.

Promo code BNR-100-1006

Hope you can put it to good use!

How do I make $150 a day with YPN and Adsense? Tutorial

No this is not a new e-book I am publishing. This is free information I am providing to my readers to help them learn how to make more via Yahoo Publisher Network and Adsense.

The first thing I want to make clear is that this blog does not have much to do with my earnings. In fact it is a very small percentage. Although some of the information I am about to present can be applied to blogs it is not specific to blogs.

I have been using Adsense since 2003 and YPN for the past year. I made a lot of mistakes in the begining as I’m sure most have but through trial and error everything has fallen into place.

Let’s get started.

First, there are certain tools within adsense which many people are not familiar with so I will begin by touching on these and how you can immediately increase revenue in a couple of short steps.

Competitive ad filer

Google provides a tool within your adsense account called the “competitive ad filter”. This is where you can add the URLs of your competitors so that their ads will not appear on your site. This can also be used to add sites which display RON (Run of Network) ads. These are the ads which pay out ridiculously low amounts per click. In many cases these low paying ads lead to MFA (Made For Adsense) sites. In a perfect world we would be able to click a radio button and opt out of these low paying ads or even request that Adsense not publish ads with a RPM (Revenue Per Click) of less than an amount we select however this probably will never happen.

So how do you figure out which ads to filter? How do you know if the ads being published on your site are leading to MFA sites?

If you are using IE6 there is a preview tool which you can install on your toolbar. Don’t click on the ads to find out where they resolve. You can right click on the link and see where the ad leads. Then strip out all of the code leaving you with the sites url. This is the old school way of doing it but now there are a bunch of sites updating the newest low paying URLs. One that I use is Ads Blacklist. It is definitely a great resource.

Now you know how to get rid of some of the lower paying ads. Now let’s talk about where to place them.

Ad Placement

Obviously, you want your visitors to notice your ads. If they don’t then odds are they won’t click on them. Until recently publishers used small images near or next to Adwords ads attract attention. Google has now amended their terms and have disallowed this practice.

Other ways to get your ads noticed are to place them where the visitors are pre disposed to look. The top left of a page, where websites traditionally have there navigation is a great start.

In content is the next place you should have ads. As visitors make their way through your content there is a good chance they will be interested in the topical ads contained therein.

The middle of the right column of a page usually won’t perform as well as the aforementioned positions however depending on your sites layout this is another option.

These are just examples of ad placement and it truly depends on your sites layout. It takes a little time but I highly recommend trying the ads in different places. It can make a HUGE difference in your earnings.


Next the ad presentation is important. Blending the ads so they look like they belong on your site is a good idea. Keep the colors inline with the sites design and the size of the ads similar to other images or content.

If you have a site with a lot of images it is a good idea to use image ads. If you have video test out googles video ads. If you have a lot of links use google link units.

Ok so we have most of the basics out of the way so now lets get to the good stuff.

Statistics and Tracking

Let’s assume you have determined where your ads need to be to receive the best CTR. Now we need to get people to your site to generate some clicks and some revenue.

First get all of your statistical information together. Find the following in your adsense account: Your average CTR, the EPC (earnings per click) and eCPM (earnings per thousand page views).

Then check your sites stats to see the average number of page views per unique visitor.

If you find that you are earning 50 cents per click and your eCPM is $16 and you average 5 page views per unique visitor we know that you need 12.5 unique visitors on average to earn $1 in revenue. (1000/eCPM/pageviews = Uniques needed per $). This is some good preliminary information.

Now we need to find some targeted traffic.

Finding Targeted Traffic

Acquiring “natural” traffic through organic links in search engines, directories and through link exchanges is the best way to get traffic. Let’s face it it’s relatively inexpensive and the quality is excellent. Although this is the best way to get traffic it can also be very time consuming and time is money. I do suggest though that you build links and submit to directories and search engines. It will help you in the long run if not sooner.

So we need to start generating traffic via other methods to increase the revenue.

The first and most logical place to start our search is PPC advertising programs and we’ll begin with Google Adwords.

If you don’t already have an account register at Adwords and set one up.

Make a list of all of the keywords associated with your site. Add all of the keywords into your account.

Now it is time to set your maximum bid per keyword. Since we know it will take 12.5 unique visitors on average to generate $1 in revenue we need to set the keyword maximum bids so that we are making, not losing money.

Using the example the maximum we can pay per click is $.08 to break even. Of course we don’t want to break even so we will cut it in half and set the maximum bids to $.04.

You will notice that with the keywords and the low bids it looks like there won’t be much traffic. So we need to add some more keywords. Don’t worry they will be just as targeted.

Finding “other” keywords

Typos are a fantastic source of inexpensive, targeted Adwords traffic. The traffic is just as good as that of the typo’d keyword. For instance someone is attempting to search google for “widgets” and accidently types in “wdgets”. The cost of your Adwords per click for the typo will be less than that of the intended keyword.

You can try and brainstorm potential typos but to make it easy here is a site which will return typos for words you enter, sTypo. Once you have your list of typos add them into your Adwords account and bid on them.

Other Advertising Networks

Adwords is a good place to start however YPN is another great place to advertise as well as MSN’s new program. There are also a ton of ad networks floating around the net including Adbrite among others.

Back to Tracking

I know the tracking part is boring but it is the most important part of any advertising campaign. You need to know that you are in fact making money and you need to know immediately!

Compare your advertising campaigns against your earnings. Be sure your revenue outweighs your advertising expenses. If your revenue is at least 20% more you are on the right track and you need to think about increasing your advertising budget. The bottom line is the more you spend the more you will earn. The increased traffic may also help your site in other ways including alexa rank and page rank.

Once you have realized a positive cash flow you have unlocked the secret to earning a ridiculous amount of money.

In Closing

I wanted to talk a little about my earnings. To some it may seem like a large amount but truly my revenue is tiny compared to that of my peers. I have more than one associate making over $1000 per day. It seems almost impossible but it is not. In fact it is more or less common sense and a good knowledge of how Adsense and YPN work combined with some marketing knowledge.

Anyone who’s making good money with adsense and has a good eCPM can increase their earnings significantly. I am proof of that.

Even the smallest site is a potential goldmine!

I wish I had the time to go into further detail but I figured I’d start with the most importan principles. I will post more info as I have time so stay tuned.

Good luck and feel free to post some of your success stories!

Duke Lacrosse players have rape charges Dropped

The rape charges were dropped against 3 Duke lacrosse players however they still face other, serious charges.

If you have been following this case as I have you know the entire thing was a debacle. The evidence or lack there of made the case appear to be a sham. The prosecution had no forensic or scientific evidence that a rape occurred and if one did there was no evidence that the three defendants had anything to do with it. The evidence was limited to the accusers story which she changed on Thursday.

Last weeks DNA testing at a private laboratory found genetic material from several men on the stripper’s underwear and body, but that none of it came from the players. What more does the prosecution need to see?

The charges of kidnapping and sexual offense remain. Whether the defendants will plea to lesser charges or if the case will be completely dropped remains to be seen.

Collin Finnerty, Dave Evans and Reade Seligmann have always maintained their innocence and with virtually no evidence from the beginning these guys have been put through the ringer. The entire Duke lacrosse program was decimated in the middle of what had a good chance of being a championship season.


google change sends shockwaves!

googles change in the TOC sends showckwaves through the publisher community!

New Adsense image rules

The image is an example of images used in violation of googles new rules. Among publishers the use of images next to google adsense ads is a well known method to increase CTR. The recent change was on every relevant forum within an hour.

How is this going to effect you and your earnings? For me it will certainly decrease the CTR on some of my sites. Will this mean a max exodus to the Yahoo! Publisher Network among US publishers? This is a distinct possibility.

Read about these changes on the google adsense blog

Microsoft Zune Installation Error Photo

I know this has been talked about quite a bit over the past few weeks, but I only just saw the picture used as the background and I must admit it does seem suggestive.

Zune Installation Error

A lot of comments about the Zune installation error (pictured above) try to explain why the three women are in this position. Regardless of why, I wonder why the Microsoft people ever let it go to production. Why did they not use another frame? You know… like one actually laughing?

Things that make you go hmm…. traffic shut me down today

First of all, I have to admit, I’m hooked. I’m fairly new to Digg so until today I haven’t really grasped the power and size of the community. The traffic isn’t *mega* by any means, but when the community decides a story should be voted up there is certainly some serious attention thrown in the direction of many unsuspecting webmasters and bloggers. Today I was one of them.

Last night I submitted a little blurb I wrote about Homestead CEO, Justin Kitch. I honestly didn’t think it would get more than 20 or 30 votes, as most of the stories I find only make it to the 20-30 range. I’ve submitted a few stories that made front page, but they weren’t my sites and I didn’t know the owners so I had no idea what kind of stats they were seeing. This time it was mine though, and when I woke up my stats were showing 5,230 visits within a 3 hour period.

eRodTech is a new blog. I only see about 200 visits a day right now because I’m only getting started. What does that have to do with the Digg submission? Well, my host has warning systems that shut down the site in case of DNS attacks. They decide on the settings based on the average amount of daily traffic. As you’ve probably figured out by now, the Digg traffic was sending red alerts to the server every other minute.

Needless to say, it shut me down. All I can say is bummer. I immediately contacted support, who worked quickly to get the site back up, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was embarrassing. I cringed reading the comments on the Digg post about the site being down. It’s something that nobody wants, and if the proper procedures aren’t followed, it’s inevitable.

Lesson learned…

After the site was shut down a friend chimed in via e-mail and gave me a heads up to this link. Shoemoney explains how to deal with an avalanche of traffic by editing the .htaccess file so that your site re-directs to a mirror.

Make a note of this. I highly recommend it.

Another thing I got from this experience, is the Digg community is a LOT of fun. It’s a rush getting the traffic, but it’s also a rush giving it. I submitted a story about Digg trolls from someone else’s blog about a month or so ago. It almost instantly hit the front page, before being Dugg down of course, but the amount of votes it initially received was almost surreal. I had it as my #1 story and it actually helped other people’s stories, including mine, within my profile continue to get votes.

Today I have a better understanding of the community and how it all works. I know there is a down side to a community of this size, but overall the good outweighs the bad.

Technorati Tags: , , , , CEO says screw customers!

I’m not sure how proud I am to admit this, but I do have a Homestead account. As a matter of fact, I host about 20 websites at I opened the account about 5 years ago and the only reason I chose Homestead is because I had absolutely no clue what I was doing and Homestead seemed to be the best option at the time.

I couldn’t have been more wrong…

Since then, I’ve had problems so often that most of the time I just ignore them as I don’t really use those sites anymore. There was a time, however, when I would actually try to contact Homestead support for help. Contrary to what the Homestead big shot, Justin Kitch, says about his customer service, it has got to be some of the worst support I have EVER dealt with. And I have sites hosted on at least ten different hosting companies. Hands down, Homestead is the worst.
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Spike The Vote Now A Digg Trap

If you haven’t been following the Social Networking craze this story will either bore you to death or make your thinker tick. It had my thinker working overtime.

Recently, a website was launched with the intention of building a network of “Diggers” to go and Digg stories for the purpose of gaming the system over at

The website,, generated a lot of buzz with it’s launch and even got a plug on CNET and TechCrunch. It was squaring off to be a big ticket for Diggers looking to cheat the community. From what I can find, the owner ended up realizing the set up was not profitable, therefor it probably wasn’t worth the work required so he after only a week online he posted it for sale on e-Bay.

Here’s the kicker…

Jim Messenger of bought the site and then donated it to Digg. Digg, in turn, almost immediately banned 700 Digg accounts using the data it received with the site files.

Well, my first thought is “good! now maybe BS stories will get buried behind the better submissions”. But after some careful thinking I remembered how close I was to signing up just to see what all the hubbub was about. I have a Digg account, but I rarely submit anything to it and hardly ever vote on anything, but I still find a TON of good information and surf the site religiously.

So I wanted to know what it was all about. What was this guy up to and how was it going to work? You know… curiosity.

I’m lucky I was busy that day and didn’t sign up because I would probably find myself locked out of my Digg account had I made the move.

But this begs the question… did Digg do the right thing? I mean, how did they know all of these users wanted to actually use the system to manipulate Digg results?

I think Digg should have used the data to search out the spammers, not just assume everyone was guilty.

Am I wrong?

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Washington Post Launches Blogroll

To be honest… I completely forgot that I submitted my blogs to the Washington Post Blogroll program a few months back. It wasn’t until today when the newsletter dropped in that I realized the system was still on its way.

From the Washington Post Blogroll Blog:

“The Blogroll is a unique service for bloggers created by the
advertising team at Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive (WPNI). Blogs
partnered with WPNI are given a rotating spot on the
homepage, and are given the opportunity to accept ads from WPNI
advertisers. Partner blogs will also be a fixture in our regularly
updated Blogroll Directory, which lists all members based on their

I hope I get accepted!

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James Kim’s Body Found

It appears, according to news reports that are flooding in, that the body of missing CNET editor James Kim has been found. Reports are thin at the moment, even CNET is grasping for details, but the evidence is pointing towards Kim being deceased.

I didn’t want to say anything, but I kind of felt this is the way things were headed. It just didn’t add up for me. While Oregon troopers and rescue teams tried to pump us full of encouragement, I just couldn’t buy into it. I’ve been in those Oregon mountains and I can tell you that even when you’re fully prepared it can be a tough experience.

Anyway, this news must be crushing for the wife. I’m just great full she made it out with the kids. Losing Kim is extremely tragic, but a loss of the entire family would have been much worse.

RIP James Kim. We all very much enjoyed reading your columns and watching your videos. May your family flourish moving forward.

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Update On James Kim

I’ve been glued to this James Kim story and hope to God he’s still alive. For those of you not in the know, James Kim, editor for CNET, went missing a little over a week ago. As it turns out, he took his family on a road trip over Thanksgiving  and ended up stranded on a snowy road in Oregon.

His family was found only a day or two ago, but Kim left the car last Saturday to try and find help. He told his wife he would be back within a few hours if he couldn’t find help, yet never returned.

Foxnews has a report that says rescue teams found a pair of pants he was wearing and are currently tracking him down.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed folks.

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IE7 Under Attack By Spyware Hijacks

Experts warn that criminals are targeting Microsoft’s new browser functions to install spyware

My logs show that more than 60% of my visitors are NOT using IE to view my blog. I know I’m blogging on topics that people who know better read, but still, it shows M$ just doesn’t have the grip it once enjoyed.

This latest piece of news is a blow to the IE7 bow considering the fact that Microsoft trumpeted the security in the latest version of the browser.

Should we just start calling Microsoft “Can’t get right”. Zune, IE, MSN, I could go on and on.


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Yahoo Power Shift

To me, Yahoo is like the little brother who always wanted to be as popular as Google, but never could. The past few years have shown many changes in the Yahoo portal brand and overall structure take place all to no avail. With Yahoo stock off 30% this year, changes were not only needed, they were absolutely vital.

In come the changes…

From the LA Times.

SAN FRANCISCO — A broad restructuring at Yahoo Inc. on Tuesday claimed
the company’s top operational executive as well as Lloyd Braun, the
former ABC television chief who ran the Santa Monica-based Yahoo Media

Chief Executive Terry Semel shuffled his management team, capping a
challenging year in which the Internet giant has seen its stock price
tumble 30%. Yahoo has struggled to keep pace with Google Inc., delaying
a new search-engine advertising system that investors had been betting
would help the company close the profitability gap with its rival.

I really hate to be a downer on Yahoo, because I used to really enjoy using the portal back when they were cool, but I just don’t see a way up for Yahoo.

Am I wrong?

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CNET editor James Kim still missing

CNET editor James Kim took his family on a Thanksgiving getaway up the northwest coast, and to date has not come back. In fact, they aren’t even available by phone. They’re just flat out missing.

The CNET article has the best run down I’ve been able to find so far, but it still leaves me scratching my head.

What the hell happened?

My first guess was that they decided to go the Corona Beer route and throw their cell phones in the ocean for a few days, but then I read that they keep constant communication flows with their two businesses in the Bay Area.

My thoughts and prayers are with James Kim and his family. I’ve enjoyed reading his work and hope to see him back home soon.

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BenQ misses the mark with MusiQ Marketing

As I mentioned previously the BenQ MusiQ Dog Tags made me look twice. The video on their mini site made me almost fall out of my chair!

If you have not seen the video yet here is a still shot:
Apparently they did not have an english copy writer available to at the very least check their spelling. “Belive”!
View the video here at BenQs’ mini site:
This image is a little small however look closely. Is that the World Trade Center in the back ground?

Unfortunately I can’t find their slogan in english but loosely translated it says, “Even if the world is destroy to dust, I still believe in music.”
here is a larger image.


If this is BenQ’s way of creating a “Buzz” it worked and for BenQ’s sake they better hope that any press is truly good press.

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